Race in American Music

October 1, 2018

Popular culture is oddly integrated. Minstrel Shows are an integral part of this phenomenon. Dressing up as black people and portraying black people. Everyone who wasn’t black loved the minstrel show, even people who we see as not being racist enjoyed these shows.

Personally, I truly hate minstrel shows. They are disgustingly derogatory and thieves of African culture.  The fact that the anthem of Texas is the song, Yellow Rose, is absolutely disgraceful.  It always portrayed black people as dumb and less than intelligent human life forms and it is absolutely disgusting.

It wasn’t even just in the south, it is in the north as well in Boston. Same idea just different sheet music.


Information is pointless if it isn’t shared and that was the main reason for the internet. One could argue that advertisements on the internet could be a form of sharing information about what there is available in different stores and different times.

Google looks for the patterns in the words. It doesn’t care about the meaning. It works in different languages because it is looking for patterns and not the actual words/meanings. This is beneficial because fewer programs have to be made in order to get the same outcomes.  This only helps the argument that there is a lot of redundancy in the English language. We don’t need half of the letters that we use in the written language but because of this, we can use them to program.

There is no information or uncertainty in redundancy. The degree of the uncertainty determines the degree of information conveyed.

Information has been conveyed without any meaning whatsoever. A lot of things that we use in every day have been part of sacred traditions yet we use them without a second thought so we are using the information without the meaning.

Most of the characteristics that I believe make me unique are only relevant to those who are around me. This doesn’t change the way I am as a person it just means that I am only a daughter because of my mother. One could argue that this is an inaccurate statement because a mother who loses her child with forever be a mother. She will hold the burden and heartache of her child forever but she will never not be a mother. This is the same for my status as a daughter. When the time comes for my mother’s journey through life on Earth to end, I will still be a daughter. My mother’s life does not determine my status of being a daughter. I am an Event Technician. If I am not working an event I will still be an event technician but you could argue that I am only still an event technician because sometime in the future there will be an event for me to work at.

As for the argument that my fingerprints, DNA, etc. make me less free within the political world is completely accurate. They will always know where I am and what I am doing but I have, to an extent, accepted it.

Realism v. Idealism

September 15, 2018

I always thought of myself as a realist because I always saw the idealist as someone who wasn’t taken seriously so I pushed it to the side in order to move up in my field. After this class, I realize that I am actually an idealist. I am not religious but I am spiritual and I do strive every day to fit the creators ideal.

The Medium is the Message

September 15, 2018

I really liked this discussion because I never thought of communication in this way. If I see a text from my mom I know that I should look at it but I can respond later if I need to, but if it is a phone call that means it is serious (my mom hates talking on the phone) and I need to answer it immediately.

Is Literacy a Crutch?

September 15, 2018

It depends on how you use it. If you are a doctor and refer to your notes on all of your exams instead of memorizing the information and truly understanding it, then yes, literacy is your crutch. Now if you are a doctor who has already memorized all of the information, understands it and has come up with new methods to do a procedure, then no, literacy is not a crutch.

Without literacy, life would be a game of telephone.

Technology has many pros and just as many cons. We can see this with the advancements in the medical field, education, the workforce and in everyday lives in the privacy of our homes. In this post, I am going to focus and go more in-depth about the effect of technology on today’s education system.

As a student who was born at the turn of the millennium, I have experienced first hand the changes in technology in the classroom. In elementary school, they taught us how to use an encyclopedia and emphasized how important they would be in my high school years. Little did they know that I would be able to obtain more recent information with the click of a single button.

That is a very obvious pro to technology but what happens when everything is transferred from paper to the web? Students from a young age are now taught that technology is everything and they are exposed to it as early as preschool. My senior year of high school was a whirlwind but the evergrowing addiction to technology my younger sister was falling victim to did not go unnoticed by me.

We have become so wrapped up in the excitement of new tech and trying to shove it down the future generations throats that we end up giving them more problems. My mother took her school-issued laptop and her teachers were struggling to come up with a lesson plan that could work for her without the laptop. We are talking basic algebra and they were shocked when we told them to just make her a worksheet or assign work from the textbook.

So overall, technology is just like everything else. It is good in moderation but we have to decide where the line is and what we are willing to risk when we use it.